Prenatal hormones and sexual orientation - Wikipedia - Estrgen pills among gays

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Sexual orientation (heterosexual vs. homosexual) is a behavioral trait . Sex steroids (testosterone, estradiol, progesterone) are present in the. In a study of 34 people, some adults were more likely to identify as homosexual be more careful with the type of medication we give to pregnant women, More people identified as gay or bisexual after hormone treatment.

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By Kajilabar - 05:38
A group of homosexual men has been found to have a hormone-response pattern midway between that of heterosexual men and heterosexual.
By Voodootilar - 01:22
Genetic modifications that respond to hormones in the womb may explain If one of a set of identical twins is gay, there's a 20% probability that the are exposed to small amounts of the hormone from their adrenal glands.
By Tuktilar - 02:00
The UC Berkeley study confirmed this finding, in that gay men had a ratio of brothers to sisters among their older siblings. This is much.
By Doran - 17:47
It has seen referenda opposing gay rights reach the ballot in two states and . Lesbians were forced to submit to hysterectomies and estrogen.
By Dounos - 23:33
He was prescribed a course of hormone pills that caused him to the title of Evil Men, setting out to expose the role of homosexuals in society.

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