How I Learned To Stop Peeing 20 Times a Day | GQ - Need to pee so badly hold crotch

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I was about 16 and I was walking my dog. I decided to take the long route that day because I was really self conscious about my weight and I was trying to. › post › harley-quinn-omorashi.

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By Gam - 23:07
More than anything, Harley wants to grab herself until her knuckles go white, but she doesn't dare. Instead She indulges in another desperate pee dance, her hands grasping her hips to keep them out of her crotch. It hurts.
By Kagamuro - 23:12
It's the sign of someone totally unable to hold back their urges, on the verge of wetting but they have to pee so bad and they'll wet themselves if they aren't moving . or I force myself not to grab my crotch and of course more pee comes out.
By Mazukree - 19:50
For me, a desperate girl holding her crotch is one of the most arousing parts of the fetish. Ive always been curious as to whether That's what works for me, when it gets that bad. Stoppering the wee hole, so to speak :blush.
By Kazrakus - 21:01
Video that features someone (usually female) who badly needs to urinate. with the subject crossing her legs tightly, holding her crotch, jiggling around outside a bathroom door and huffing & puffing and saying things like, "I gotta pee so bad!
By Gacage - 09:53
He had to pee so badly, but the idea of peeing in a cup was so funny to him that he had to hold his crotch with both hands to keep I tried my best to hold the plastic cup horizontally. On our car ride to the appointment, he asked me why the doctor has to look into his underwear and I didn't really have an answer for him.

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