SEALS AND SEA LIONS | Facts and Details - Sea lion sex

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The incidents are the only time pinnipeds, the group that includes seals, fur seals and sea-lions, have been known to have sex with an animal. The California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) is a coastal eared seal native to western North The California sea lion differs from the Galapagos sea lion in its greater sexual dimorphism. The Steller sea lion is the closest extant relative of.

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By Kagale - 01:16
Sex among sea lions sometimes looks rough and cruel because the male looks so much bigger than the female.
By Kikasa - 09:38
Sexual dimorphism in sea lion pups: differential maternal investment, or sex*​specific differences in energy allocation? Received: 28 April /Accepted after​.
By Tygomuro - 00:51
Size of canine teeth from California sea lion (Zalophus californianus californianus​) carcasses is shown to be useful in determining the sex of animals which have.
By Faukora - 03:50
Key words California sea lion · Maternal investment ·. Sexual dimorphism · Growth rate · Metabolic rate. Introduction. In many polygynous species males are​.
By Mezisar - 11:13
Sexual size dimorphism of a male (left) and female (right) California sea lion California sea lions have a classic polygynous mating system, in which a few.

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