Why Is My Vagina Itchy After Sex? The Common Causes of Vaginal Irritation, and How To Fix It - Itch after sex

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Although unpleasant, itching after sex isn't uncommon. There are a few possible causes for itching after intercourse, like dry skin or an allergic. Genital itching after sex can sometimes be due to dry skin or a lack of lubrication around the genital area.​ In cases where itching persists, this symptom could be a sign of an infection, allergic reaction, or sexually transmitted infection (STI).​ Some causes of genital itching.

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By Galabar - 18:49
If you're itching after sex instead of cuddling with your partner, this might be why.
By Miktilar - 14:13
We at Bustle love giving you tips for how to tap into your sexual potential and troubleshoot when things aren't going your way in the bedroom.
By Daigami - 23:17
But there could be a variety of reasons your vagina is itchy after sex. Per Sonia Bahlani, MD, and ob-gyn Omnia Samra Latif Estafan, MD, here.
By Arashisar - 18:52
In addition to itching, bacterial vaginosis is often accompanied by runny vaginal discharge and a fishy odor after sex. A single-celled parasite called.
By Kazigis - 06:15
Whether you've been having sex with the same partner for years, or if it's a one-​night-stand, there are few things in the world that set off alarm.

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