How Do Ducks Mate? | Sciencing - How ducks have sex

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A "sexual arms race" is the phrase most often used to describe duck genitalia, and it's not hard to see why. Male ducks have corkscrew. The world of duck sex is actually quite serious, so hold your laughter. Female ducks have long twisted vaginas that have a number of spirals.

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By Mijar - 12:58
Unlike 97 percent of birds, ducks have penises — super-long ones. “Like a selection of sex toys from a vending machine in a strange alien.
By Shacage - 01:18
Certain aquatic birds, such as drakes, may have a penis to prevent sperm from being During sex, males mount female ducks and line up their penises with the​.
By Dak - 04:40
Size matters when it comes to the social setting for some ducks, a new study finds​. Meanwhile, ruddy ducks already have enormous penises that stretch nearly as Why It Matters Who Females Choose to Have Sex With.
By Voodoobei - 20:37
The twisted sex life of Muscovy ducks is the result of an evolutionary battle Scientists have elucidated the mechanism by which female ducks.
By Zulkizahn - 01:42
Although approximately 40% of duck sex is forced, only 1 in 4 matings are successful. Turns out, female ducks have some tricks under their.

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